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Ankle Pain

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Ankle Pain

The ankle is the region where the foot and leg meet. It is comprised of many bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles. While it is strong and flexible enough to easily bear and support the weight of the human body, the ankle may suffer from pain or injury due to its important workload. Pain may occur along the Achilles tendon on the back of the ankle, or on the inside or outside of the ankle joint.

Causes of Ankle Pain

In most cases, ankle pain is caused by injuries such as sprains and ligament tearing or stretching. While these injuries are often related to sports, they can also occur from recreational events, work activities, overuse or even by taking a misstep. Ankle pain might also occur as a result of direct injuries to ankle bones, tendons or muscles in the ankle area.

Conditions of Ankle Pain

– Stress Fractures
– Achilles Tendinosis
– Strains and Sprains
– Broken Ankle Bones
– Broken Foot Bones
– Osteoarthritis
– Rheumatoid Arthritis
– Gout and Other Inflammatory Conditions


At PSW Acupuncture, we use acupuncture techniques to stimulate pain-relieving chemicals in the body. Through acupuncture, the body is able to restore its natural balance and promote the ability to heal itself. If you are suffering from ankle pain, please schedule a visit today or give us a call for consultation.