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Migraine, Tension Headache, Traumatic Headache

Safe and fundamental treatment through self-help and natural healing


There are many causes and symptoms of headaches.


It is caused by mental stress, changes in life, eye stress, and changes in the menstrual cycle. Sudden pain in one side of the head during the day, which can last for hours to days.

Tension Headaches:

This can be caused by constant tension in the neck and scalp due to physical and mental stress, a pain that may seem like a head tightening band and can last for hours. One of the most common headaches.

Traumatic Headaches:

It is a symptom of the aftermath of various accidents and traffic accidents.


In addition to relieve muscle tension around the neck and skull to relieve headaches, and acupuncture to remove the adherent tissue around the neck and shoulders together with acupressure, etc. to increase the treatment effect.