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Neck Pain

Safe and fundamental treatment by self-sustaining power and the natural self-healing process.

Neck Pain

Neck pain (cervical spine herniated disc) is one of the typical symptoms of neck disease.  Because neck pain slowly develops in the whole body including back of neck pain, numbness, and sensory depression, it is easy for patients to miss their right treatment type and timing due to difficulty in identifying symptoms themselves.  The main cause is the deformity of the neck bone caused by a number of wrong posture and lifestyle.  The number of neck pain patients are rapidly increasing due to the use of smartphones in a bowed posture.  Modern lifestyle has a tendency of a longer period of time staying in the same posture using a monitor and a high pillow.

The main symptoms are stiff neck, severe shoulder pain, headache, numbness on hands.




There are a total of 7 disks between bones.  Symptoms and treatments vary depending on which disk is pushed out and causes pressure on a nerve.  In addition, the cause and symptoms of each patient’s disease are different.  Therefore PSW Acupuncture Clinic increases the effectiveness of treatment by individualized treatment taking into consideration the unique characteristics of each individual patient.  Acupuncture and acupressure will be performed to increase the blood and energy circulation.




You can benefit from the individualized and optimized treatment from PSW Acupuncture Clinic and avoid surgery.   The neck is relatively simpler in structure and withstands the weight than back; therefore, it is easier and faster to cure than back pain.